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7 Things You Need To Know About Your New Truck

7 Things You Need To Know About Your New Truck

7 Things You Need To Know About Your New Truck

Purchasing a new pickup truck from our Ram inventory can be a great addition to your driveway, giving you the capability and performance to tackle various tasks at home or around the job site. To explore the latest Ram pickup trucks, visit us at Lapointe Chrysler, serving Pembroke, Ontario, and surrounding areas of Ottawa, Toronto, and Quebec. However, you might know a few things about your new truck to take full advantage of its offerings, giving you the best ownership experience.

Intended Use

It would be best to have a general idea of how you wish to use your new pickup truck, allowing you to configure the perfect model for your needs during your purchase. However, you can get a Ram that delivers a well-rounded package to serve you well as your needs change.

Engine Type & Performance

You should know which engine your new truck has and how well it performs since that will determine the type of fuel to use and the expected capability you can utilize.

Fuel Economy

With an idea of which type of engine your new truck has, you can determine the fuel economy of your new truck. Depending on your needs, your truck engine might need to be the most powerful option, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

Towing Capacity

You should always know the towing capacity of the specific pickup truck configuration you have selected to know the limits of how much you can safely tow with your new truck.

Passenger Capacity

When buying a new truck, you can choose from multiple cab configurations, giving you the perfect passenger capacity suited for your family and work crew.

Drivetrain Type

A new truck can be either rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive, so make sure to know which drivetrain option your truck has since that can affect how well it handles different terrains. Also, it can affect fuel economy and towing capacity.

Bed Length

Multiple different bed lengths are typically offered for light-duty and heavy-duty full-size pickup trucks, allowing you to pick the ideal length suited for the type of cargo you might be hauling.

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