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Seasonal Prepping: Getting Winter Ready


Seasonal Prepping: Getting Winter Ready

At Pembroke Chrysler, we not only can match you with the right vehicle for your needs, but we also offer guides to help you get through the winter months safely. We have an array of services to help you get your vehicle winter-ready and can help you upgrade to a newer vehicle if you wish to explore models with all-wheel-drive. Regardless of your automotive needs, our experts can help you enjoy an effortless and seamless vehicle ownership experience this winter season.

Five Tips For Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter

Put Together An Emergency Kit

You will want an emergency kit in your vehicle to keep you safe if a mishap occurs while on the road. This kit should have water, first aid supplies, a few tools, a jack, and a power bank.

Swap To Winter Tires

Driving through winter weather can be challenging due to snow and ice, making it vital to equip your vehicle with winter tires to ensure proper grip and maximum safety during commutes. Not all winter tires are made the same, so be sure to explore the available options and pick the right set for your vehicle and budget.

Perform Any Outstanding Repairs or Maintenance

Nothing is worse than having a vehicle break down during winter, so visit a Service Centre to perform any outstanding repairs or maintenance on your vehicle to enjoy trouble-free winter commutes to work and road trips.

Get New Wiper Blades

Seeing clearly from the windshield will keep you safe during winter storms, so if you have not replaced your wiper blades recently, make sure to get a winter set for your vehicle.

Check The Battery

A weak battery can start your vehicle during the summer months. Still, the cold temperatures of winter can take a toll on your battery and leave you stranded with a vehicle failing to start, which is why you should inspect your battery regularly.

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