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New Jeep Inventory

Jeep Inventory

Lapointe Chrysler is the leading Jeep dealership in Pembroke, Ontario. We boast an extensive selection of Jeep vehicles, including the latest models in different trims. Check out our inventory to find the Jeep that matches your needs today!


The Compass is among Jeep's most affordable models, perfect for urban life. It employs the brand's signature rugged stature coupled with a refined design. A four-cylinder engine powers the Compass, providing superb on- and off-road capabilities. Enjoy every drive with modern features and a comfortable interior.


The Jeep Cherokee has been a fan favourite for decades with its premium style and off-road pedigree. The Cherokee boasts formidable power and performance ratings with potent powertrains combined with a nine-speed automated gearbox. The vehicle is available in seven trims, each with a wide array of features.

Grand Cherokee L

The Grand Cherokee L is one of the latest additions to the Grand Cherokee line. Befitting its badge, Grand Cherokee L maintains Jeep's stellar off-road credentials with its 4x4 capability. The vehicle is a standout pick if you seek a luxurious twist to your Jeep SUV that features an innovative design, a deluxe cabin, and leather-trimmed seats that enhance comfort. The Grand Cherokee L comes with a spacious three-row configuration, accommodating up to seven passengers.

Grand Cherokee WK

If you want to maintain the classic look of the old Grand Cherokee but enjoy modern features and tech enhancements, check out the Grand Cherokee WK. The vehicle incorporates the cutting-edge Jeep driving experience with a classic exterior style. The Grand Cherokee WK comes with standard 4x4 capability, allowing you to enjoy on and off-road adventures.


The Wrangler boasts the iconic military-inspired look that has made it an icon for decades. The legendary off-roader blends a retro exterior with a contemporary interior, offering ultimate convenience and comfort. The Wrangler is available in the conventional two-door style, and four-door variants are available.


The Gladiator embodies the trademark Jeep experience in a solid pickup truck. With its outstanding 4x4 capabilities, the Gladiator's aggressive vitality shows as you tackle off-road terrain. The vehicle is ideal for open-air driving, featuring a folding windshield and removable doors. The Jeep Gladiator stands out for its versatility, remarkable towing capacity, and admirable fuel efficiency.

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Visit us to buy your preferred new Jeep vehicle. Utilize our competitive financing, and flexible payment plans to drive a Jeep without breaking the bank! Take advantage of our trade-in option to get the best value for your purchase. Contact us to purchase a Jeep today.