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If you’ve ever had to shop for a new car you’ve no doubt been hit with a barrage of new terms for all the different technologies that make your vehicle special. One such term you may have seen or heard is MDS or Multi-Displacement System which naturally begs the question; what What Is Chrysler MDS??
First of all, we should probably look at what the Multi-Displacement System actually means. MDS is Chrysler's take on Variable Displacement technology which alters an MDS-equipped engine’s output by deactivating a portion of that vehicle’s cylinders to improve fuel economy while reducing power demands during low impact use. In the case of say a Ram 1500, it will reduce the number of active cylinders from eight to four when you’re cruising down the highway and reactivate them when you begin to accelerate.
Chrysler first introduced the system in 2005 specifically for their 5.7L Hemi Engine though they have since expanded the lineup of vehicles with MDS to include:

  • Chrysler 300C (2005)
  • Dodge Charger (2005)
  • Dodge Magnum (2005)
  • Dodge Durango (2006)
  • Ram 1500 (2006)
  • Jeep Commander (2006)
  • Chrysler Aspen (2007)
  • Dodge Challenger (2009)

Some things to note when looking at vehicles with the MDS system:
The Chrysler MDS system is not used on engines with a displacement greater than 5.7 litres so, larger trucks like the RAM 2500 and 3500 do not feature it.
While the MDS system is active it tends to cut down on engine noise which results in a loss of the characteristic rumble of a V8. In order to make up for that Chrysler has developed a specialized exhaust system that recreates that missing rumble through the use of a set of four mufflers, so you won’t be missing out.
If you’re looking for a winning combination of power and fuel economy then stop by and give the whole line of MDS equipped vehicles a look, you’ll be glad you did!

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